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Vitamin D:

How Much Time Should You Spend in the Sun to Get Vitamin D


Sunshine is the biggest source of vitamin D, and given the long, gloomy winters that are a feature of the UK, its inhabitants can really struggle to get ...

Tanning & UV:

What you eat and drink can protect your skin from the sun

On the other hand UV exposure triggers vitamin D production, a nutrient that is generally deficient in the British population. Reduced levels of vitamin …

New study questions sun avoidance in northern latitude countries like Canada

Exchange Morning Post (press release)

“Avoiding the sun entirely has a negative effect on a person's overall health,” says Dr. Reinhold Vieth, Scientific Advisor for the Vitamin D Society and …

What You Don't Know About Sunscreen -- And You Should

SPF, which stands for “Sun Protection Factor,” measures how protective sunscreen is against ultraviolet B (UV-B) light, which is the segment of the ...

Skin cancer:

American Cancer Society marks Friday as “Don't Fry Day”

While skin cancer is largely preventable, it continues to be the most common type of cancer in the U.S. More cases of skin cancerwill be diagnosed …

Cancer risk warning as watchdogs find 'once-a-day' sun cream wears off in hours

"Once-a-day" sun cream wears off in hours and could be leaving people at risk of skin cancer, an investigation by consumer watchdogs have found.


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