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Vitamin D and disease:

Alzheimer's Q&A: Is a vitamin D deficiency linked to Alzheimer's disease?

The Advocate

A deficiency in vitamin D may play a role in the development of Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Vitamin D is not a single essential nutrient, but a ...

Vitamin D and supplements:

Time to make up for our vitamin D deficiency

Irish Times

The benefits of vitamin D are fairly well known, particularly when it comes to bone and teeth health. Not so well known, however, is its proven benefits ...

Tanning & UV:

Earth Sense: Responses to sunlight vary by country

Gainesville Times

When UV strikes the skin, vitamin D is manufactured, which is necessary for the absorption of calcium into the skeleton. Deficiency of this vitamin can ...

Skin cancer:

Many people are using sunscreen incorrectly

Digital Journal

The research looked at 34,161 people without skin cancer and 758 people with skin cancer. Here they found there was a correlation with those who ...


Melanoma cancer shock in Brittany

The Connexion

RESIDENTS in Brittany have been found to have more than double the potentially fatal melanoma skin cancer as people on the Riviera and nearly two …

Advanced Melanoma Skin Cancer Survival Rate Jumps from 1% to 40%

Good News Network

For patients with a deadly skin cancer who previously had few treatment options, a drug that will boost their immune systems has shown great promise …

'Sunscreen gene' can safeguard against skin cancer: New study

Daily News & Analysis

More than 90% of melanoma skin cancers develop because of cell damage from exposure to UV radiation, researchers said. "People who have the ...


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