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We do Services on Sunbeds

Vitamin D:


Healthy lifestyle and early diagnosis key to keeping osteoporosis and calcium deficiency in check ...

The Hans India

Young women are increasingly susceptible to calcium deficiency on account of falling levels of Vitamin D. A vital component in maintaining high bone ...


Vitamin D and supplements:


Vitamin D along with other supplements may boost the effects of antidepressants

Vitamin D Council

A review found that omega-3 fish oil and vitamin Damong other supplements increased the effects of antidepressants in those with clinical …


Tanning & UV:


Should I be worried about chemicals in sunscreen?

MetroNews Canada

Today's skin cancer patients are paying for the sunbathing of decades past. Who remembers what kind of crappy old-fashioned sunscreen they were ...


Skin cancer:


NICE recommends combined drug therapy proven to extend life for skin cancer


NICE – the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence – is today recommending a new drug combination for melanoma that could extend life by 


Cancer Diagnosis Linked With Increased Risk of Mental Disorders

Cancer Network

The results were generally similar among all major cancer types with the exception of non-melanoma skin cancer, which did not result in as large an ...

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