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Why the change to UV-C?

Ultra-Violet C is an invisible spectrum of light that eliminates viruses, bacteria, moulds and odour on surfaces, by penetrating their membranes, attacking their DNA, preventing them from replicating and killing them instantly.

Due to the growing demand from international and local retailers and their demanding consumers for environmentally friendly and chlorine-free products, the use of UV-C technology in the disinfection of fruit, vegetables, nuts, meats and bread has increased substantially of late.

No other technology has the capability, the adaptability and the favourable cost economics to control bacteria in the food chain. Bacteria is airborne and difficult to control. The use of UV-C technology provides the added boost of safety and disinfection of all food to food processors and customer’s alike, at the most important points of the production process, thereby providing added protection and confidence.



Focusing on customer needs:

Technilamp offers a range of off the shelf solutions for ease of application and installation.

The company also provides customised solutions for customer specific applications. Specialised conveyor systems with UV-C disinfection capability on the top and bottom of the conveyor can be designed according to customer’s specific requirements, including the design and manufacture of the control panel.

The UV-C systems can be designed either for disinfection at the time of prepacking, during the actual packing process or prior to sealing of the contents.

Fruit Processing and packaging:

UV-C ideally replaces chlorine when washing and sterilising smooth surface fruits such as berries. Also packaged ready-to-eat cut fruits such as those found in retail stores. UV-C germicidal technology can be used in the whole processing process, from replacing chlorine in water to sterilisation of the fruit and sterilisation of the packaging.

We have completed automated conveyor projects for fruit companies that supply the major retail chains in South Africa and the UK.


Our UV-C systems sterilize the air in the spiral coolers of large commercial bakeries. This greatly assists with the prevention of mould growth and extends the products shelf life.

The UV-C systems have also been designed to disinfect bacteria on specialist’s ethnic bread lines such as Pita Breads and croissants.

Fresh Meat:

UV-C is very efficient in killing bacteria in meat. We offer a unique combination of UV-C and Ozone which kills bacteria and prevents the spoilage of meat surfaces. Research undertaken in Australia has confirmed that the unique combination of UV-C and Ozone extends the shelf life of hanging meat from 11-22 days. The systems can be installed in the cool room system at the time of construction or retrospectively.

Other potential applications:

  • The disinfection of nuts
  • The disinfection of cheese and dairy products
  • The disinfection of surfaces and the prevention of smells.
  • The disinfection of packaging containers such as boxes, caps, bottles, cartons, tubes, films and foils.

 Low cost and continuous disinfection mass food production is within your grasp. Soft fruit, smooth fruit, and even cut fruit can be bacteria free, when using UV-C technology.

You have the opportunity to take advantage of environmentally friendly, low maintenance, cost effective, UV-C products and services from the team at Technilamp. Improve the efficiency and drive up the profits of your company.


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