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Solent Ceiling Fans

Customise your perfect ceiling fan, for any room, indoor or outdoor, in a few easy steps.  Select your style of ceiling fan, accessories and finishes from Solent’s extensive collection to build your ideal ceiling fan, it’s that simple!

Based in Durban, South Africa, Solent is a leading importer, manufacturer and distributor of ceiling fans. Not only do they have a style to compliment every décor and lifestyle, Solent ceiling fans are renowned for delivering highly effective cooling, ensuring that you are wonderfully cool, always!

You can have total peace of mind with Solent’s no nonsense 3 year warranty, together with an exceptional after sales service, it’s a promise to you.

Solent is a breath of fresh air!

  • Comfort - A ceiling fan creates a sense of quiet enjoyment and ease, making your life a lot more comfortable.
  • Style - Customize your ideal ceiling fan by selecting your motor model, blade set, accessories and finishes from our extensive collection.
  • Cool - Elevate your lifestyle to a cool and fashionable level with a Solent ceiling fan.
  • Colour finishes are listed under three categories:
  • Standard - Black and white
  • Antique - Bronze, gold and silver
  • Trend - Exclusive colours detailed in the brochure. Specialised colours are available on request.
  • Outdoor Use - Ceiling fans can be used on verandas or patios but must not be exposed directly to water. Exposure to direct sea air will cause corrosion.
  • Mosquito deterrent - The no.1 mosquito deterrent is a ceiling fan as mozzies are weak fliers and shy away from wind.
  • Effective cooling - Solent ceiling fans provide highly effective cooling by creating a wind chill which makes you feel cooler by accelerating evaporation of perspiration on your skin. It does not lower the temperature of the room.
  • After sales back-up - Solent provides an exceptional back-up service.
  • Authority on ceiling fans - We offer expert technical advise and assistance.
  • Installation of ceiling fans must be carried out by a certified technician or electrician.
  • Warranty - Solent offers a 3 year no nonsense warranty which is valid on conditions of proper installation
  • Maintenance free & silent operating - Crompton Greaves Superbrand motors ensures noise-free cooling.
  • Energy efficient & environmentally friendly - Consumers are choosing ceiling fans over air conditioners, the desire to lead a greener lifestyle and save big on energy costs is reason enough.
  • Letter of Authority - All models have been tested and comply with the compulsory safety specifications.
Motor Models Number of Blades Reverse Option Light Kit Option Colour Finishes Power Input Current Amps
Whirlwind 3 No No Standard only 60w 0,30
High Breeze 3, 4 & 5 Yes Yes Standard, Antique & Trend 80w 0,33
High Breeze 100 3 & 4 Yes Yes Standard, Antique & Trend 100w 0,50
Senorita 3 Yes Yes Standard, Antique & Trend 80w 0,33
Brushed Aluminium 3 & 4 Yes No Standard & Trend 80w 0,33
  • Precisely balanced - Each blade in the set is the same weight which ensures that the fans are wobble free.Blade Sweep Dimension
  • Aluminium - Corrosion resistant and aerodynamically shaped, providing highly effective cooling.
  • Wood - Marine ply and weather resistant ensures no swelling, sagging or distortion. Designed for optimal air delivery but less effective than the aluminium blade.
  • Delivery and Fan Speed - Vary greatly depending on the number of blades, blade sweep and blade material. Wood blades will spin slower than aluminium blades.
    Blade Sweep Dimensions
    Blades A (mm)
    BA90 900
    BA120 1 200
    BA140 1 400
  • Blade sets - Number of blades vary for each motor model. More blades does not necessarily mean more air delivery but can be more aesthetically pleasing than a three
    blade fan.
  • Blade sweep - The overall diameter from blade tip to blade tip.
  • Blade sweep selection - use the following table.
    For Rooms Up To Blade Sweep
    9 sq metres (3m x 3m) 900 mm
    16 sq metres (4m x 4m) 1200 mm
    25 sq metres (5m x 5m) 1400 mm
  • Safety - Take into account that the blades need to be clear of open cupboard doors, not be within reach of bunk beds and not cross over any lighting as it may cause a flickering effect.
  • Aesthically pleasing - White in colour. Flush or wall mounted.







    Max Fan



    Control System



    Reg1F One Fan 250V 100W Capacitance 4
    Reg2F Two Fans   200W   4
    Reg3F Three Fans   300W   4
    Reg5F 5 to 15 Fans   1500W Electronic Variable
  • Single regulators can only be used to operate one fan.
  • Multiple regulators are available for operating more than one fan.
  • Electronic regulators will cause the fans to make a noise.
  • Light switches or dimmers can be added to the regulators.
  • Reverse option can be used by installing a 2 way switch at the wall regulator.
  • Infra red with a 10 metre operating distance.
  • Receiver control unit is installed in the top canopy of the fan and can only be used to operate one fan.
  • Transmitter unit is hand held and can be used to operate more than one receiver/fan.
  • Do not use a remote simultaneously with a wall regulator.
  • Reverse option can be used by installing a 2 way toggle switch in the bottom canopy.
  • Room lights can be operated by the Remote L4 & LD4.
  • Maximum light load - 300 watts. (6 x 50watt downlighters)
  • Dimmer Remote to be used with dimmable energy saving lamps. DO NOT use RemoteLD4 with the LED Light Kit.
Remote Code Remote Type Voltage Input  Max Fan Load Max Light Load Electrical Control System Speed Settings
RemoteF4 No Light 250V 100W   Capacitance 4
RemoteF4 Light On/Off   100W 300W   4
RemoteFD4 Dimmer   100W 300W   4
  • Optional - Easy to fit. Matches motor colour.
  • Turning lights off - Use a separate light switch at the wall regulator or RemoteL4 or LD4.
  • Lamp holders are suitable for normal lamps and Energy Saving Lamps. LED Light Kit is not dimmable.
  • Brown and blue wires provided with the motor for the light should be removed if a light kit is not used.
Light Kit Code Light Kit Type Lamp Volts Lamp Holders Quantity Lamp Holder Type Lamp Wattage Lamp Type
LKB Belle 250V  3 GU10

3 x 50W

3 X 15W

Dichroic Energy Saver
LKC Cleo 250V  2 ES 2 x 60W

2 X 15W

Incandescent Energy Saver
LKO Oyster 250V  2 ES 2 x 50W

2 X 15W

Incandescent Energy Saver
LKT Tara 250V  2 ES 2 x 60W

2 X 15W

Incandescent Energy Saver
LKLed LED 12V  30x.5w Silicon Semi Conductor


Warm White

Light Emitting Diode

Downrod Dimensions

  • Standard 230mm downrod, shackle assembly and hanging u hook are supplied with each fan.
  • Shorter downrods can be used on certain models, however the fan will be prone to wobbling and less effective air delivery.
  • Longer downrods - Standard longer lengths are 450mm and 900mm.
  • Customised length downrods are available up to 6 metres.
  • No wobble or movement is experienced when using long downrods.

 Downrod Lengths

Downrod Lengths
230mm | 450mm | 900mm
Custom made to your spec up to 6m

Downrod Dimensions


Downrod Dimensions
Downrod A (mm) B (mm)
230 320 390
450 520 590
900 970 1040

Downrod Length Calculation

  • Minimum height regulation - For safety reasons fan blades should not be lower than 2300mm above floor level.
  • Maximum height installation - No restrictions, however fans mounted too high will affect the cooling efficiency.
  • Formula for calculating customised down rod length:
    Floor to ceiling height minus 2300mm
    (min blade height regulation from floor)
    minus 110mm (motor Measurement) minus 60mm (hanging shackle)
equals downrod length

If you require the fan to be higher than 2300mm above the floor substitute the 2300mm in the formula with the desired height:
Floor to ceiling height minus 3000mm
(desired height from floor)
minus 110mm minus 60mm equals downrod length
D = X - (2300mm + 110mm + 60mm)

Calculating Downrod Length

Downrod installation on an angled/vaulted ceiling

  • Install a wedge that provides a horizontal surface for attaching the down rod.
  • Downrod must be long enough to prevent the blades from hitting the sloped ceiling.

Angled or vaulted ceiling

  • No need to replace the complete fan, components can be purchased separately.
  • Spare parts for all components are readily available.

Brushed Aluminium and High Breeze and Senorita and Whirlwind Ranges

Brushed Aluminium
High Breeze




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