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Infrared Heating

Advantages of Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters conduct heat through electromagnetic radiation which will transfer energy from one body to another. An infrared heater will heat a human or animal body that is within its field of radiation, but it will not heat or affect the environment.

Infrared heaters are clean, odourless, environmentally friendly and economical. They are ideal for providing heat in environments used by humans and animals, as they are free from toxic emissions and produce no harmful side effects. 
Technilamp infrared heaters emit heat via electrically heated filaments encased in a glass tube or lamp. We use carbon fibre filaments for ultra fast instant heating.

Benefits of buying infrared heaters from Technilamp

Technilamp has been distributing infrared heaters for more than 35 years. We distribute nationwide and we are the only Philips Infrared distributor in South Africa. All installations can be done by our qualified Technilamp technicians. Technilamp infrared heaters are ideal for heating both small and large areas. They provide efficient, safe and cost effective heating in insulated and un insulated areas and also effectively radiate heat in draughty open areas.

Some of the key features of Technilamp infrared heaters are carbon fibre technology for ultra quick heating, maintenance free and weather proof fittings and easy installation. Technilamp infrared heaters use 5,000 hr long life lamps, which come with a one-year guarantee.

Technilamp offers the following models of infrared heaters:

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