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Infra-Red Lamps


Advantages of infra-red lamps


Infra-red lamps are an excellent source of clean and odourless radiant heat which not only provides warmth but is also excellent for killing potentially harmful bacteria. The combination of heating, drying and sterilisation equips infra-red lamps for a variety of uses.

The many industrial applications of infra-red lamps include paint baking and drying, pre-heating of PET perform, silicon wafer manufacturing, drying in paper mills, plastics thermoforming, fusing printing ink and fibreglass drying.

The penetrating warmth of infra-red lamps gives pain relief for muscles and joints and improves blood circulation.

In the food industry infra-red lamps are used for hot food displays and for preventing the growth of bacteria in the food display area.

In the agricultural sector, infra-red lamps are used when breeding and rearing livestock such as pigs, calves, foals, dogs and poultry.

Benefits of using infra-red lamps from Technilamp


Technilamp designs and manufactures infra-red lamp and heating systems customised to customer requirements. Various wattages are available for customer specific specifications. Technilamp infra-red lamps are tough and durable, ensuring long life performance and low maintenance. Parts are easy to replace and all products are chemical free and environmentally friendly.

Technilamp supplies infra-red lamps for the following sectors:


Industrial Heating
PET Preforms

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