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InfraRed Lamps - Health

blown-bulb reflector in red glass version and PAR38 (121 mm diameter) 

InfraRed Healthcare Heat Incandescent

R95 (95 mm diameter) blown-bulb reflector in red glass version and PAR38 (121 mm diameter) pressed glass reflector lamps with red-lacquered front


Features Benefits
  • Pronounced output peak at approx. 1000 nm in the deep-penetrating IR-A range
  • Ideal radiant heat sources for treating deeper-seated muscular ailments and sports injuries
  • Red-coloured lamps to reduce visual light emission & glare, to cut off light below 600 nm which would be absorbed by blood haemoglobin
  • 90% of energy is transmitted as infrared heat
  • PAR38 lamps have concentric rings in the front glass for optimum directional control of the heat radiation
  • Instant, accurately controllable source of radiant heat
  • Lifetime 300 h at 100% output
  • Allows concentrated heat to be applied to where it is needed
  • Special filament design for a concentrated beam
  • Universal burning position
  • Providing relief from muscular pain and ailments such as rheumatism, lumbago, neuralgia and colds
  • Promoting recovery from injury
  • Providing comfort and cosmetic care
  • Air treatment units 'Infrared' lamps can be used with any suitable equipment


Click here to Download InfraRed Healthcare Heat Incandescent Specification PDF - 92kb



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