Snuggy Foot Warmer

Snuggy Footwarmer.

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Snuggy Footwarmer.

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Why let your feet get cold?!

  • Do you battle to keep those frosty toes warm and toasty?
  • Your work shoes make it impossible for your feet to be remotely warm at any given time in the office?
  • Would the health and safety person raise an eyebrow if they saw the little bar heater you sneaked in under your desk?
  • Can you even study for a simple exam when your feet could solve the global warming crisis on their own?

Most forms of heaters are a danger to their surroundings, or are very demanding on your power supply.

Some are so bulky and take forever to heat up. Those that heat up the quickest are labour intensive, and require fuel, even fossil fuels, and do not deliver a consistent heat supply.

Meet your feets new best friend!

The SNUGGY Footwarmer!

Not only is this baby safe, the SNUGGY Footwarmer, is the safest heater you can ever use to keep your feet warm!

Why? The SNUGGY Footwarmer uses the same magic as the sun!

Infra Red, which is completely safe for under your desk too!

Nice and compact, to fit under your desk, or whilst watching your favourite soapie!

Even Eskom loves how little she is!

SNUGGY Footwarmer, my feets new best pal!

It is a well known fact that when your feet are warm, your body is warm. The new Technilamp Snuggy® delivers instant, continuous and comfortable infra-red heat whilst seated.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
·         175W Infra-red lamp

·         Mild steel casing

·         Rubber feet

·         On/Off switch

·         Consumes obly 0.7 Amps

·         Eskom endorsed

·         Convenient size

·         Direct zoned heating

·         Durable and long lasting

·         No scratching or burning on all floor types

·         Ease of convenience

·         Highly cost effective

·         Recommended by Eskom as the most cost effective method of heating

·         Easy to store

Ideal For

  • People seated in offices
  • Study environments
  • Television viewing
  • Open factory environments


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