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Services Technilamp offers


Technilamp provides a comprehensive advisory service for all ultra-violet and infra-red applications.


Based on over 40 years of experience in the ultra-violet and infra-red category the company can assist with the selection and commissioning of the correct lamps for existing and new applications. The company manages an active and accurate Customer Relationship Management Programme (CRM) which monitors the date of implementation of ultra-violet applications, and their respective dates for annual maintenance.


Technilamp Services reception



In addition, the company has the capability to monitor the performance of ultra-violet lamps either on site or remotely using advanced technology.


Technilamp actively promotes the Philips range of Ultra-violet lamps due to their consistent quality, superior performance and the environmental benefit that they contain the lowest level of Mercury. The company collects all used lamps and disposes of them in an environmentally friendly manner.

There are an array of different uses and applications for ultra-violet and infra-red lighting.Technilamp can assist with the design of new applications and the selection of lamps ensuring the correct efficacy and efficiency.


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