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Ambulance Unit

 Technilamp Ultraviolet Sterilisation
Ultra-Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI)

Air Sterilisation for Mobile Transportation

UV Air Sterilisation System Ambulance Inside

UV Air Sterilisation System Ambulance external view UV Air Sterilisation System Ambulance internal view

Protecting paramedics at the forefront when treating patients in need of emergency medical care.

The paramedic profession is also particulary at risk whilst treating patients during emergencies with undiagnosed diseases such as Tuberculosis.

Technilamp's Ambulance unit is designed to protect all persons who work with the public and are exposed to the spread of potentially deadly contangious infectious airborne diseases during transportation. The UVGI fittings are specifically designed to create healthy sterile environment inside the ambulance by limiting the transmission of air borne pathogens such as Tuberculosis, Influenza, Bird Flu and all airbourne viruses and bacteria.


The unique fitting uses low pressure mercury technology to provide a powerful concentrated effect of ultra-violet energy. The system sanitises all air in its path and destroys the pathogens that come into contact with the UV rays. The Technilamp fitting provides a safe, effective, economical and low maintenance UVGI protection in vehicles.

The sytem can be updated and used in all public transport systems including taxis, buses and trains. 



Purifies the air of all contaminants with the interior of all transportation units

Reduces the spread of pathogens and destroys micro-organisms

Unique Design

Avoids all human exposure to UV

Unique Air Flow

Provides continuous even flow of clean air quality

Operates off engine battery

Provides continuous protection to the paramedic team and passengers

Complete CRM maintenance system

Comprehensive Technilamp service and annual maintenance programme 

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