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Induct Cooking Fat Vapourising System

This system converts cooking fat to dust and moisture.

Reduces fat build up in the induct extraction system resulting in the reduced possibility of fire hazards and difficult, unpleasant cleaning.

New Unique Technilamp system consists of a lamp and driver combined, securely sealed in a metal casing. The system is designed for the reduction of fat build up in in-duct chimneys and the killing of smells before displacement to the environment.

The system is easy to installand can be fitted innew installations or retrospectively. Lamp replacement is simple with an easy plug-out and plug-in system. 

Technilamp | UV STERILISATION | UV Chimney Cooking fat reduction system


 Solid Metal Casing:  L=340mm; W=80mm; H=80mm
 Philips 60W TUV UV Lamp:  L=415mm
 UV lamp wrapped in special UV glass retention plastic sleeve
Fast Food Outlets Mass Catering Organisation
Food Processing Hospitals
Restaurants Hotels


Features Benefits
Emits UV-C rays on a continous basis Prevents fat build up in chimneys
  Converts cooking fat into CO² and vapour
  Significantly reduced cleaning
  Reduced labour cost
  Reduced fire hazard
Easy screw on to existing or new duct Easy to install and service
Lamp is covered with special UV-C protective sleeving In the event of lamp breakage, glass is captured in a plastic sleeve with no contaminationof food due to broken glass fragments
Lamps avaliable in UV-C and Ozone UV-C breaks down fats and Ozone prevents emission of smells
  Significantly reduced cleaning costs

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