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About Us


Technilamp is a proudly South African company that was established over 37 years ago.


We specialise in infra-red and ultra-violet lamps, equipment and the application thereof. We carry the widest range and the largest stock of these special lamps in South Africa, and distribute nation-wide.


 About Technilamp Hylton Cowie and Kerr Walker

We are the sole distributors of the Philips range of ultra violet and infra-red lamps. Infra-red lamps are used for heating, drying, curing, softening, ink processing, health and animal husbandry. Ultra-violet lamps are used for drying, curing, sterilization, phototherapy, photochemistry, sun tanning, security, non destructive testing and many medical applications. We design, manufacture, install and maintain equipment and machinery employing these lamps. We have our own warehouse to ensure the availability of stock. 

 Technilamp building exterior


At Technilamp we believe in taking care of the environment. We have a comprehensive environmental waste disposal system, including management of the Mercury disposal, to ensure that it is safe for not only humans but also kind to the environment. We are backed by a wealth of technical support and employ both local and international expertise to assist and advise in the application, maintenance and trouble shooting of equipment using infra-red and ultra-violet lamps.

We have an ongoing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programme to ensure that timely annual maintenance takes place.

Our lamp efficacy measurement service can be used to ensure that all fittings and installations are performing at optimal levels. All our services come with the one-year guarantee.


If you have any questions about the services mentioned above please do not hesitate to contact us. A qualified support team will be happy to assist you with any Infra-red or ultra-violet questions you may have.




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