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Infrared heaters

An infrared heater produces a gentle heat that feels similar to being warmed by the sun. These heaters work on the principal of safe infrared waves, similar to sunlight. They don’t dry out the air like some heaters, and they don’t move large quantities of air around the room, which means infrared heaters can be energy efficient when compared with other heaters.

Advantages of Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters are clean, odourless and economical. They are ideal use around humans or animals, as they don’t emit toxins and produce no harmful side effects.

The heaters heats objects and people, not the air around them. Heating the air wastes energy and can create drafts. Infrared heaters provide a constant, gentle heat that feels like basking in the sun.

They provide instant heat. You don’t have to wait for your heater to slowly warm up to enjoy it’s effect.

Infrared heaters are silent. They won’t disturb you in noise-sensitive environments like a bedroom or TV room.

They can be energy efficient and cost effective. A infrared heater heats a specific area in your home that needs to be kept warm. You also don’t need to turn the heater on far in advance because the heat is instantaneous.

Technilamp: the experts in infrared heaters and heat lamps

Technilamp has been distributing infrared heaters for more than 35 years. We distribute nationwide.

All installations can be done by our qualified Technilamp technicians.   Technilamp infrared heaters can heating both small and large areas. They provide efficient, safe and cost effective heating in insulated and uninsulated areas and also effectively radiate heat in draughty open areas.


Modern design Aesthetically pleasing. Suitable for indoor & outdoor heating
80% more economical than gas Significant cost saving
No Gas burning smell Clean and odourless
Adjustable lever Comfortable direction heat flow
5000 hour lamp life Maintenance free
1500W & 2000W lamp Easy installation

Heating area guide 1500W:

Insulated areas: 12 square metres
Uninsulated areas: 8 square metres
Open draughty areas: 6 square metres

Heating area guide 2000W:

Insulated areas: 16 Sqaure metres
Uninsulated areas: 12 square metres
Open draughty areas: 8 square metres

Technilamp offers the following models of infrared heaters:

  • Zone Heaters
  • Caribbean Heaters
  • Bathroom Heaters
  • Footwarmer Heater
  • Restaurant Heaters

To view our range of Infrared Heaters for sale, visit our online store.

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