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Livestock heaters

Technilamp supply a range of infrared livestock heat lamps most commonly used for infrared heating in livestock including pigs, chickens, dogs and horses.

Very cold temperatures can harm animals kept in sties, sheds and pens. An infrared livestock heaters can help to keep animals at the right temperatures even in the coldest weather. Using livestock heaters can help to rapidly develop healthier animals with a lower mortality rate.

Infrared livestock heaters are also perfect for young foals, chicks, calves and piglets. The warm infrared lights will provide a nurturing and pleasant environment for young animals in need to extra warmth.

Because livestock heaters use infrared technology, they warm the animal itself, not the air around the animal. This is beneficial because you don’t waste energy heating and moving the air like you would with other heat sources.

Livestock heaters also offer a cost-effective form of heat that’s safe to use in a barn or shed environment. Infrared heaters do not release toxins and will not harm your animals.

Livestock heaters for sale

The Technilamp livestock heat lamp fitting is a tough, durable and long life lamp fitting, designed specifically for the livestock market and is used mainly for the breeding and rearing of pigs, cows, chickens, dogs and horses. Offering a height adjustable mild steel chain for temperature control, the livestock fitting is the perfect accessory for the infrared heat lamp to ensure safe, even heat distribution in the breeding and rearing of livestock.

Manufactured from the highest quality hard glass, Infrared heat lamps are extremely tough and durable, offering splash proof resistance and accurate, controllable radiant heat.

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