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For restaurants, canteens and other food service operations, food warming equipment is a vital tool to keep food at safe temperature until it goes out to customers. If you manage a buffet, keeping cooked food at the right temperature is a constant requirement. Today’s food warming lamps use infrared technology to keep food at the right temperature, in both front of house and back of house. You can use them on sides, vegetables and breads, and for plated dishes ready to leave the kitchen. Technilamp offer a number of food warming lights, ideal for restaurants, canteens, caterers and food services businesses. To see our full range and shop online, visit our online store.

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  • IR 250 CH LAMP

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    IR 250 CH LAMP

    In many industrialized countries the number of meals prepared and consumed outside of the home has steadily increased and is now estimated to exceed the number of meals prepared in.

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    R180.00 excl. VAT R207.00
  • IR 250 R LAMP

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    IR 250 R LAMP

    Red Faced

    TOSHIBA infrared halogen heater lamps are powerful heat sources comprising a finely coiled tungsten filament surrounded by high-purity tubular quartz glass and a halogen gas-filled lamp.

    • Blown bulb or pressed glass.
    • Supply accurately controllable radiant energy.
    • Red glass reduces glare by 75%.
    • Hard glass types have high mechanical and thermal strength making them impervious to sudden cooling and water splashes.
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