Induct Air cleaning offices, etc

Airbourne viruses move with the convection flow of air. The UV-C light is germicidal; it deactivates the DNA of bacteria by destroying their ability to reproduce. The airbourne virus is killed instantly when coming into contact within the radius of the UV-C irradiance area. HEPA filters are effective for dust, pollen and tobacco but only 50% effective on moulds. UV-C is highly effective against bacteria and viruses.
  • Delivers indoor sterile air on a 24/7 basis for 24/7 protection
  • Each system is custom designed according to air flow and duct size
  • Only quarterly cleaning and annual lamp replacement required
  • Comprehensive maintenance programme provided with centralized CRM programme
  • Environmentally friendly with no use of chemicals
  • Use of Philips lamp only, which contain the lowest level of Mercury

Induct cleaning for restaurants

This system converts cooking fat into CO² and vapour. It reduces fat build up in the induct extraction system resulting in the reduced possibility of fire hazards. Induct cleaning in restaurants is essential. The New unique Technilamp system consists of lamp and driver combined, securely sealed in a metal casing. The system is designed for the reduction of fat build up in in-duct chimneys and the killing of smells before displacement to the environment.
Features Benefits
Emits UV-C rays on a continuous basis Prevents fat build up in chimneys
Converts cooking fat into Co² and vapour
Significantly reduced induct cleaning
Reduced labour cost
Reduced fire hazard
Easy screw on to existing or new duct Easy to install and service
Lamp is covered with special UV-C protecting sleeve In the event of lamp breakage, glass is captured in a Teflon sleeve with no contamination of food due to broken glass fragments
Lamps available in UV-C and Ozone UV-C Breaks down fats and ozone prevents emission of smells Significantly reduced cleaning costs

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