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Technilamp offers a variety of UV lamps including those used for the treatment of psoriasis. We have a variety of UV lights for psoriasis for sale and we recommend using Philips lamps.

Clinical studies around the world have proven that Philips UV lamps are the most effective lamps currently available for the treatment of psoriasis. As the world’s largest manufacturer of lighting products, Philips has applied its knowledge and experience to design a comprehensive range of highly effective UVB lamps for psoriasis.

The Philips UVB Narrowband lamp are proven to be the most effective lamps for the treatment of skin diseases compared with other lamps in their class.  Not only did Philips introduce the very first UVB lamp, but they have also continued to develop and improve them for the last 20 years. Based on this unmatched combination of experience and knowledge, Philips Lighting can offer the best advice to equipment manufacturers.

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