UV Surface Disinfection Products

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Technilamp’s UV surface disinfection systems assist in the disinfection of all foods in production plants or with in-store merchandising. It is chemical-free, thereby delivering an environmentally friendly solution to farmers, food manufacturers and retailers, with an extended shelf life.

The UV surface disinfection system is effective in:

  • The inactivation of all food spoilage microorganisms including bacteria, yeasts, mould spores, pathogens and viruses.
  • The decontamination of smooth fruits, vegetables, meat and cheese surfaces, leading to extended shelf life.
  • The decontamination of surfaces of equipment in food production, pack houses, cheese factories and meat processing plants.
  • The disinfection of packaging such as boxes, caps, bottles, cartons, films and foils.

Technilamp specifies Philips lamps only, which contain the lowest amount of Mercury and have a lamp life of ± 9 000 hours. Each lamp is enclosed in a UV-transmitting plastic security sleeve, preventing any glass or Mercury splintering onto working areas should breakage occur.

The system is available in 25W and/or 75W configurations, and multiple units can be applied where necessary.

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