S/S Fittings 75W

Technilamp’s ultra-violet surface disinfection systems assist in the disinfection of all foods.

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Technilamp’s ultra-violet surface disinfection systems assist in the disinfection of all foods in production plants or with in-store merchandising.

It is chemical-free, thereby delivering an environmentally friendly solution to farmers, food manufacturers and retailers, with an extended shelf life.

The primary role is to control mould by eradicating fungal spores and spoilage microbes that settle on food surfaces.

Additional Info

The Technilamp ultra-violet surface disinfection system is effective in:

  • The inactivation of all food spoilage microorganisms  including bacteria, yeasts, mould spores, pathogens and viruses.
  • The decontamination  of smooth fruits, vegetables,  meat and cheese surfaces, leading to extended shelf life.
  • The decontamination  of surfaces of equipment  in food production, pack houses, cheese factories and meat processing plants.
  • The disinfection of packaging such as boxes, caps, bottles, cartons, tubes, films and foils.

Technilamp fittings are designed to the highest international standards using food-grade stainless steel. German grade reflector material delivers a superior degree of reflection.

Technilamp specifies Philips lamps only, which contain the lowest amount of Mercury and have a lamp life of± 9 000 hours. Each lamp is enclosed in a UV-transmitting plastic security sleeve which prevents any glass or Mercury splintering.

The system is available in 25W and/or 75W configurations, and multiple units can be applied where necessary.


Coverage 75W – Ceiling Height 2.5m – 9m² at 10µ/W²
Electrical 220/230V AC Supply
Size 75W – 1250mm
Weight 75W – 3kg
Lamp Type & Watt Rating 75W & 25W
Lamp Life/Replacement Hours 9000 Hours
Durability of Fitting Lifespan of 7 – 10 years
Manufacturing ISO 9001 Approval


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