UV Disinfection Products

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 UV lights can be used to kill micro-organisms in a variety of environments, such as in circulating air, in water and on work surfaces. UV light disinfection is highly effective for destroying harmful bacteria such as pathogens, viruses and moulds.

UV light disinfection happens when ultra-violet (UV) light is emitted in short wavelengths which are able to destroy the DNA of harmful bacteria, effectively removing their cellular function.

UV disinfection is used in environments such as hospitals, clinics, doctors’ rooms, vets’ rooms, bedrooms and any buildings where large groups of people are present. Sterile air, for example, prevents the spread of diseases and reduces the risk of infection, both in medical facilities and in the workplace.

Technilamp manufactures, supplies and services UV disinfection units and systems for these environments: air, surface and water.

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