UVB Products

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We offer a wide range of ultraviolet lamps and UVB lighting for all your specific needs. UVB lighting is used in many different applications, including phototherapy and the treatment of vitiligo and psoriasis. UVB lamps are used to emit a spectrum of ultraviolet light that has wavelengths of between 280 and 315 nm (Nanometres).

UVB lighting is often used in the healthcare industry to treat various skin diseases including psoriasis and vitiligo. There are thousands of dermatology clinics around the world that treat skin conditions with UVB lamps and that’s why high-quality lamps are always a benefit to have.

Our range of Philips UVB lamps are highly effective and can treat a variety of skin diseases. As the world’s largest manufacturer of lighting products, Philips has applied its knowledge and experience to design a comprehensive range of highly effective UVB lamps.

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