Insect Traps & Lamps

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At Technilamp we supply a wide range of UV insect traps for a variety of applications. Hygiene and food safety is crucial in environments such as restaurants, catering and the food and beverage industry. Insects, and in particular flies, pose a direct threat to food hygiene. The most effective and hygienic way to monitor the presence of insects is to attract them and eliminate them in an electronic fly killer (EFK). We recommend the Philips Actinic BL lamps for our UV insect traps and they provide a variety of benefits:
  • Optimised performance to attract most insects
  • Proven and consistent quality and reliability
  • Good environmental choice, 100% lead-free
  • Shatterproof sleeve to keep glass and components together in case of lamp breakage
These lamps come in a wide range, for existing and new insect trap units, including compact lamps for new designs and smaller equipment. Plus, due to the higher initial UVA output of the Actinic BL lamps compared with /05 or /09 (BL) type of lamps, you can attract more insects and cover a larger area. For more information about our UV light insect traps, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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