Vitiligo Products

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At Technilamp we offer the widest range of original as well as replacement ultra-violet lamps for all types of systems. These include lamps for the treatment of skin conditions such as vitiligo. Vitiligo lamps are highly effective in treating vitiligo (loss of skin colour) especially with lamps from the Philips range.

Studies have proven that Philips UVB Narrowband Phototherapy lamps are the most effective when treating conditions like psoriasis and vitiligo. UVB light for vitiligo can be highly effective as this treatment focuses on one specific aspect of the skin – to absorb light in specific wavelengths. UVB vitiligo lamps focuses on UVB rays as a therapy for the skin, which has the capability to cure skin diseases, when using narrowband UVB lamps.

Our vitiligo lamps emit UVB rays over shorter wavelengths that concentrate specifically on the therapeutic range. These rays are therefore safer and very effective in treating skin conditions. Philips continue to work with partners around the world to improve the convenience and effectiveness of their UVB lamps specifically for skin treatments.

For more information about our UVB light for vitiligo, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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