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Technilamp is able to offer the widest range of original as well as replacement UV curing lamps for all types of systems, including nail curing. Nail curing is made easy with high-quality UV nail lamps as it allows the gel to cure within a specific wavelength.

A UV nail lamp usually provides wavelengths of between 315 and 380 nm (nanometres). Within this wavelength, there is a specific intensity which is dependent on the bulb’s wattage. The more bulbs in the lamp, the higher the intensity the lamp will emit.

Another important aspect is how far the bulbs are from the nails. The farther away, the slower the nails will cure; if too far away, it won’t cure at all. That’s why it’s important to use a high-quality UV nail lamp to ensure proper nail curing.

Manufacturers use different chemicals in their UV gels called photoinitiators. These photoinitiators react when they come in contact with UV light and some are more reactive than others. Most will react when exposed to 340 – 380 nm of UV light.

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