Bathroom Chaleur Ray Heater (850W)

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850W Infrared Bathroom Heater.

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850W Infrared Bathroom Heater.   Bathroom Heaters Download

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Instant radiant heat in any type of bathroom environment

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
·         850W Infra-red heater

·         Gold lamp

·         IP65 certified

·         Ajustable handle

·         Plug-in system

·         Consumes only 3.86 amps

·         Eskom endorsed

·         Wall-mounted

·         Direct zoned heating

·         Low glare

·         Splash proof

·         Easy directional heat control

·         Easy to install

·         Highly cost effective

·         Recommended by Eskom as the most cost effective method of heating


Size: L=305mm; H=100mm; W=75mm

Positioning guide: Heating area guide:
·         From floor: 1.8m

·         From ceiling: 0.5m

·         From side wall: 0.5m

·         Insulated areas: 6 square metres

·         Uninsulated areas: 4 square metres


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