Zone Heater (1500W)

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1500W Infrared Zone heater for warehouse.

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Warms people and the environment. Delivers sunshine indoors.

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Additional Info

Technilamp Zone Heaters are suitable for:

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Change Rooms
  • Security Guard rooms
  • Draughty working areas

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
·         Instant radiant heat

·         No gas burning smells

·         Unaffected by draughty winds

·         5000 hour lamp life

·         1500w lamp

·          Significant cost savings

·         Delivers sunshine indoors

·         Clean and odourless

·         Ideal for outdoor working

·         Maintenance free

·         Easy installation

Heating Area Guide

Insulated areas: 12 square metres

Uninsulated areas: 8 square metres

Open draughty areas: 6 square metres


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