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Home Infrared heating

Technilamp home infrared heating is ideal for radiant home heating as they provide instant, radiant infrared heat compared to a vertical gas heaters which take a long time to warm up a room. Furthermore, the gas heat gets lost once a door opens or in windy conditions while infrared heat is completely unaffected by the wind. Our home infrared heaters are 80% more economical than gas compared to a vertical mushroom heater which has significant cost saving on your electricity! There is no gas burning smell as it’s clean and odourless.

Infrared heaters warm up objects and the environment setting a comfortable direction heat flow. Technilamp modern design is aesthetically pleasing and suitable for indoor and outdoor radiant home heating. It has 9000 hour lamp life and is maintenance free.

We also offer a bathroom infrared heater which is IP65 certified so its splash proof. This Bathroom heater provides instant radiant heat in any type of bathroom environment.

Technilamp offers the following models for home infrared heating:

850W Bathroom heater
1500W Infrared Caribbean Ray Heater
1500W Infrared Ultra low glare Caribbean Ray Heater
2000W Infrared Caribbean Infrared Heater


Restaurant Infrared Heaters

Technilamps restaurant infrared heaters are commonly used for indoor and outdoor heating in a restaurant, coffee bars or entertainment areas. Technilamps restaurant patio heaters warm people and the environment. Our Caribbean 1500W and 2000W versions are suited for restaurants outdoor and indoor. Our modern designs are aesthetically pleasing. The casing versions can differ as to what the customer wants namely mild steel and stainless steel. The stainless steel casing is better equipped for outside heaters for restaurants at the coast. Our heaters are 80% more economical than a vertical mushroom gas heater which has significant cost saving to a restaurant. Calculations are given to you by our friendly sales staff on request. Look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us here.

Technilamp offers the following models for restaurant infrared heaters:

1500W Infrared Caribbean Ray Heater
1500W Ultra Low Glare Infrared Caribbean Ray heater
1500W Stainless Steel Infrared Caribbean Ray heater
2000W Infrared Caribbean Ray Heater

Advantages of restaurant infrared heaters

If you thought infrared heaters cost more than mushroom gas heaters, think again! An infrared heater can be 80% more economical than mushroom vertical gas heaters. They’re also safer to handle than gas heaters, which could potentially explode.

One of the advantages of a infrared heater in a restaurant setting is that heat is almost instantaneous. Switch it on, and it begins working efficiently almost immediately. What’s more, infrared heaters don’t release any toxins into the air, so unlike a fire which produces smoke, or a gas heater that can produce a faint gas smell, these infrared heaters won’t disturb your patron’s dining experience.

Infrared heaters have very few moving parts, making them maintenance free. They are also weather resistant and can remain outside at all times.


Technilamp are the infrared heater experts

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