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Caribbean Ray Heaters

80% More economical compared to Vertical mushroom Gas heater.

* Safety and health benefitting design and technology.

A heater that warms people, not the environment.


60 Less Brightness

ultra low glare ad 
Wattage: 1.5KW / 1500 Watts
Sales price: R 1909.50
Without VAT: R 1675.00
VAT amount: R 234.50



80 more economical than gas 2

caribbean heater ad


 80 more economical than gas 2

caribbean 2kw heater ad

Wattage: 1.5KW / 1500 Watts   Wattage: 2KW / 2000 Watts
Sales price: R 1818.30   Sales price: R 2451.30
Without VAT:  R 1595.00   Without VAT:  R 2150.00
VAT amount: R 223.30   VAT amount: R 301.00

Technilamp Caribbean Ray Heaters are wall mounted infrared heaters that provide instant heat infrared heating for various environments. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments:
  • Restaurants and coffee bars
  • Entertainment areas
  • Indoor buildings
  • Home; family, pets and animals
  • Office Blocks
  • Lecture Rooms
Features Benefits
Modern design Aesthetically pleasing suitable for indoor and outdoor heating
* Safety Wall Mountable Keep out of reach of children, pets and animals
* Asthma friendly No combustion so no extra carbon particles & less humidity
* Allergy friendly Lowest humidity so no mould growth and no air currents of dust created
Health benefits From arthritis to circulation the benefits are vast with radiant heat
80% more economical compared to Vertical mushroom Gas heater Significant cost saving
No gas burning smell Clean and odourless
Adjustable lever Comfortable direction heat flow
5000 hour lamp life Maintenance free
1500w/2000w lamp Easy installation
Installation guidelines for Caribbean Ray Infrared Heaters:
  • Insulated areas such as restaurants, offices and clinics: 
    Use one Caribbean Ray infrared heater every 12 square metres
  • Un insulated areas patios, factories and restaurants: 
    Use one Caribbean Ray infrared heater every 8 square metres
  • Open draughty areas such as dispatch areas and open factories: 
    Use one Caribbean Ray infrared heater every 6 square metres.
          Height-Ceiling & Wall Mount
  • 3-4 meters



  • Lamp wattage- 1.5kw
  • Lamp life-9000 hours
  • Installation-1.5m high, can cover 4m wide
  • Insulated-12m²
  • Uninsulated- 8m²
  • Draughty- 6m²

No, it is very good for blood circulation.

Yes, if you touch the lamp!

Conventional/oil Infra-red
Waste of energy-takes a long time to warm up an environment ± half an hour Warms up anything it comes into contact with-works like the sun Costs R2.61/h
Warms the environment Direct, continuous heat towards objects
Relies on movement on air Comfortable temperature continously

Yes, you can buy directly from us

Just the casing the Caribbean Ray is more modern and aesthetically pleasing.

the zone is more for general industry.

Eskom Electricity rate: ±R1.74 per kilowatt hour

Our lamp 1.5kw

Therefore: R1.74 x 1.5kw= ±R2.61/h

LP Gas:

9Kg Bottle= ±R230.00/9= R25.55/Kg


Country of manufacture is South Africa. Manufacturer is Technilamp

Never touch the lamp, keep it away from water, place the heater 2.5-2.8m ahead to feel effectiveness.

1 Year.

Depth: 9 cm

Height: 15 cm

Width: 45 cm

2.4 kg



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