Hapro Topaz 10V

Portable canopy lay down 10 x 100W lamp

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Sunlight is a pure and natural way to energise your mind and body. The sun‘s ultraviolet rays have a positive effect on our bodies. Sunlight strengthens the immune system, stimulates the body to produce more vitamin D and, perhaps most importantly, gives us a positive look and energy. So it‘s not surprising that a growing number of customers with a Hapro ‘home sun’ are feeling good about themselves and have an attractive and vitalizing tan.

Hapro Topaz is a multifunctional sunbed from Hapro‘s Home Tanning collection. With its compact, space-saving design, the Topaz features a wealth of design details and options along with a great price/quality balance. The freedom to select the number of lamps and choose the optional face tanner with high-pressure tanning lamp allows you to create the perfect Topaz for your home and tanning needs.

The Topaz V series, with its four wheelbase and vertical stand, is a unique sunbed within the Hapro Home Tanning line. Exceptional comfort: the gas spring-assisted height adjustment mechanism operates with a surprisingly light touch and is unique among all similar products. Whether you prefer to sunbathe while lying, sitting or standing, the Hapro Topaz V series adapts to any situation. This model is available in various versions, featuring 10 or 12 lamps. You will certainly find a model that meets your personal needs.


Tubes 10 x 100W
Power 1,16 kW
Reflector Reflector Plate
Face tanner not applicable
Analog timer yes
Digital timer nvt
UV-protection goggles (2 pairs) yes
Aroma avalaible on request
Audio/MP3 nvt
Weight 39,5kg
Available colours bright white


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