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UV Curing

Technilamp supplies a range of products such as metal halide lamps, UV curing lamps, ultra violet lamps, metal halide lamps and reprographic lamps. The range of lamps can be used in printing, reprographics UV sterilization and photochemical equipment. Technilamp products are used in UV drying & UV curing as well as in photo luminescent and other UV related applications.

Technilamp is able to offer the widest range of original as well as replacement UV curing lamps for all types of systems.

At Technilamp we pride ourselves on the quality and performance of our product. Each lamp is individually handmade, inspected and tested before being shipped and contains our own unique serial number offering complete traceability

Technilamp is able to offer lamps for ALL reprographic equipment available on the market from 400 watts upwards.

Metal halide lamps are increasingly used in the Printing Industry and in a wide variety of industrial applications i.e. the production of CD’s/DVD’s, wood products, and printed circuit boards.

The metal halide lamp is constructed from a quartz envelope containing mercury with metal halide additives that create specific wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation. The addition of metal halides creates a shift in the spectral output, producing longer wavelengths enabling a greater depth of cure.


We are Alpha Cure's dedicated distributor in South Africa. 


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Please check below for the uses of UV lamps:


Adhesives & Product Assembly


Gaskets Glass Assembly 
LCD Screens Mobile Phones
Key Boards Touch Screen Membranes 
Acrylic Hot Melts  Release Coatings  
Scratch Resistant Coatings Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Adhesive Tapes Wood Finishing
Protective Coatings Flooring
Protective Laquers Flexible Floor Covering
Cork Tiles Wood Block
Laminate Flooring Medical Devices
Devise Assembly Adhesives
Pressure Sensitive Adhesives  




CD manufacture DVD Manufacture 
Fibre Optics PCB's
Ceramic Wafers  Touch Screen Membranes 
LCD's  Sealant's 
UV Screen Resist Inks Dry Resist Inks
Dry Resist Photoresists
Conformal Coatings Encapsulating
Solder Masks Adhesives
Test Equipment (small UV Dryer)  




Reel Fed Filmic Coating Laminating Adhesives 
Pressure Sensitive Adhesives  Silicone Resease Coatings 
Silicone Hard Coats   
Automotive Components
Head & Tail Lamp reflectors Head & Tail Lense Coatings 
Silicone Airbag Coatings Seat Belt Coatings 
Interior Trim Components Exterior Trim Coatings
Exterior Protective Coatings Radio Antenna 
Pin-Stripping Sound Insulation


Digital Ink Jet Printing


Product Marketing & Encoding Point of sale Printing 
Labelling  Wide & Macro Format Graphics 
CD Printing  Plastic card & Tags 
Decorative Prnting   




Sheet Fed Offset Carton 
Greeting cards  Wet Label 
General & Commercial Printing  Specialist Plastics 
Credit cards  Plastic Covers 
Security Printing Web Fed Offset
Business Forms Continuous Stationary


Flexo Printing 


Label Flexible Packaging 
Sensitive Substrates Pre-Print Liner
Post-Print Liner  


3D printing


2 Piece Canning Plastic Container 
Bottles Cosmetics Packaging 
Ink Jet  Tampo 
Please Download and fill in the lamp identification document below and we will get back to you with an equivalent to your current lamp. .Download Lamp Identification Document for Print - Fax it back to us on 011 839 1875

.Download Lamp Identification Document for Email

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