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Germicidal Ultra Violet (GUV)

Technilamp UV Air Sterilisation

Germicidal Ultraviolet Applications for Air Sterilisation

Technilamp manufactures and distributes the following products:

TL R 30 TL R 31 TL R 32
TL R 30 TL R 31 TL R 32
  • Ceiling Mounted Covers 36m2.
  • Designed for large public waiting areas.
  • 6xPL-S 9W lamps
  • Wall Mounted Covers 25m2.
  • Designed for Hospital wards and passages.
  • 4xPL-S 9W lamps
  • Corner Mounted Covers 12m2.
  • Designed for specialist consulting rooms.
  • 2xPL-S 9W lamps                                           

Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV) Disinfection System


Technilamp's TL R30-R32 range of Germicidal Ultra-Violet (GUV) range of air disinfection fittings are designed to protect Health Care Workers, Patients, Doctors and Teachers in the spread of Tuberculosis (TB) and other airborne viruses such as Measles, Influenza, SARS and Bird Flu when dealing with members of the public.

The ever-increasing effects of Tuberculosis and other airborne viruses has highlighted the need for government and employers to provide a safe and clean working environment. The Technilamp GUV is idea for combating hospital acquired infections as uv air sterilization is more effective than air sanitizers and air sanitation chemicals.

The systems have been measured by the University of Pretoria's Department of Electrical Engineering, Radiometry and Photometry Department.

The fittings deliver a radius of 5.0-6.0 meters in the UV "kill zone' with a minimum coverage of 10µW/cm2 at the 5.0m range. The patented range provides a UV irradiation coverage area in the "kill zone" longer than any other fitting. This has the benefit of fewer fittings required to cover the same area versus that of any other manufacturer on the market. The benefit is a significant reduction in initial capital outlay and annual maintenance cost.

The fittings deliver a safe working environment as the fitting delivers a straight UV beam and has a low 0.2µW/cm2 in the area immediately below the irradiated beam. This is below the regulated irradiation level of 0.4µW/cm2 as specified by the Department of Health in South Africa for workers in the environment over an eight hour period.

The fitting must be placed a minimum of 2.1m above floor level and are avaliable in three different sizes:

  • TL R30 Ceiling Mount Covers 36 square meters
  • TL R31 Wall Mount Covers 25 square meters
  • TL R32 Corner Mount Covers 12 square meters

The fittings provide 24/7 protection and require quarterly cleaning and annual lamp replacement only.

Technilamp's TL R30-R32 range are designed for robust African conditions and can be fitted into existing or new buildings and have a lifespan in excess of ten years, provided they are maintained correctly.

Studies undertaken by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevnetion (CDC) in the USA have calculated the following cost comparisons of one ACH in a hospital ward.

ACH Cost ($ USD)
Percentage Comparison (%)
Air Cleaners  266.74 100.00
Ventilation  135.91 50.9
GUV 14.44 5.4


Source: CDC-USA

Features Benefits
  • New unique UV-C reflector.
  • Enhances UV-C output in excessof 80%.
  • New shape of reflector.
  • Maximises UV-C output.
  • Inner baffle width reduced.
  • Reduced suface interface, enhanced UV-C intensity.
  • TL R 31 - Angle increased from 100° to 180°.
  • Wider coverage.
  • TL R 32 - Angle increased from 70° to 80°.
  • Variable voltage surge protection.
  • Change from magnetic to electronic ballast.
  • Consistent lower temperature protects copper wires.
  • Operates at consistent 35°C.
  • Lowest level of Mercury content.
  • Use of Philips PL-S 9W lamps.
How Germicidal Ultra-violet (GUV) works:

Convection air flow dictates that hot air rises and air flow is enhanced with the movement of people or the use of ceiling fans. Airborne bacteria moves with the convection flow of air. The UV-C light is germicidal; it deactivates the DNA of the bacteria by destroying its ability to reproduce. The airborne bacteria is killed instantly when coming into contact within the radius of the UV-C irradiance kill area.


GUV Cleaning Kit

UVGI cleaning Kit-Use

The Technilamp GUV Cleaning Kit consists of the following:

  • Robust carrier case
  • 1 cleaning handle
  • 10 microfibre cloth cases
  • 1 pair of gloves


 Germicidal Lamps

The range of Germicidal Lamps stocked by Technilamp shown here are primarily for residential and water disinfection and sterilisation.



  • UV Rays invisible²
  • UV Rays kill TB Virus (Airborne virus)
  • TB Virus hangs in the air
  • Hot air rises naturally carrying virus up with it
  • UV rays emitted by Technilamp system instantly kills TB virus, protecting you and everyone around you.
  • Technilamp creates an on-going sterile environment, protecting you all day, every day.
  • Each lamp lasts 9000 hours- Annual maintenance is required
  • R20- 6 lamps
  • R21- 4 lamps
  • R22- 2 lamps
  • R20- 360° - 36m²
  • R21- 180°- 24m²
  • R22- 90° - 12m²
2.1m above floor level
5.0-6.0 metres UV kill zone Minimum coverage 10µW/cm² at 5.0m range.
This fitting delivers straight UV beam and has low 0.2 µW/cm² area below for workers which is required by the DoH.



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