Luxura V8

Vertical salon 48 x 180w lamps

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The Luxura V8 has a dazzling design that illuminates from the beautiful top to bottom. The smooth, high­quality finishing –with no visible fastening materials­ emphasizes it’s stylish appearance. Just like the special Ambient FlowLight changes colours smoothly for an attractive glow of light that complements the splendid design. This feature gives the V8 the appearance that fi ts your salon ambience and cabin perfectly!

The Luxura V8 brightens up the room with an attractive glow of colours. Ambient FlowLight can be set on a changing carousel of colours or a fixed colour that suits the cabin, salon and mood. The inviting colours underline the beautiful design by the impressive V on the doors, at the bottom of the tanning bed and by the two catchy eye liners on the outside. At the inside, the Ambient FlowLight control panel changes colours too for a perfect admosphere between and during tanning sessions.


Luxura V8 48 XL High Intensive 48 XL Ultra Intensive*
Tubes 48 x 180 W XL 48 x 200 W XL
Connection 400V/3N~/PE/50Hz 400V/3N~/PE/50Hz
Power 8,2 kW 8,6 kW
Fuses 3 x 16 A 3 x 16 A
Weight 167 kg 167 kg

* Not for EU.
Technical modifications reserved.


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