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Ultra-Violet Lamps



Ultra-violet lamps emit most or all of the light in the ultra-violet spectrum which is a higher spectrum of light than visible light. Ultra-violet light is highly effective at destroying germs, bacteria, viruses and moulds. Its frequency is able to penetrate the nucleus of an organism, destroying its DNA and effectively killing the germs. Thus ultra-violet lamps are used in areas where the growth of bacteria needs to be prevented or the presence of bacteria needs to be eliminated.

Ultra-violet lamps have a very wide range of applications. These include hygiene and food safety as well as attracting and killing of insects. In the Koi pond industry, ultra-violet lamps are used to control the growth of algae. In the medical sector skin diseases such as Dermatitis, Psoriasis and Vitiligo are treated with ultra-violet lamps. Other applications include forensic science, philately, mineralogy, banking, printing, reprographic equipment, curing of hides, and many other industrial applications.

Benefits of using ultra-violet lamps from Technilamp


Technilamp offers the widest range of original as well as replacement ultra-violet lamps for all types of systems. With 35 years of experience in the industry, Technilamp is the market leader for ultra-violet lamps, supplying lamps that will provide maximum and reliable performance, and which have been tested and proven in close cooperation with universities and clinics around the world.

Technilamp supplies the following range of ultra-violet lamps:


Sunbed Lamps
UV Money Detector
Black Light Blue
Flexo Printing
UV Curing

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