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    UV Disinfection – 8W

    R1,069.00 excl. VAT R1,229.35

    UV Disinfection – 8W

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    For effective control of algae, it is recommended that a lamp is replaced every 9000 hours of use or once per annum.

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    R1,069.00 excl. VAT R1,229.35
  • Philips TUV Lamp (8w)

    R85.00 excl. VAT R97.75

    Philips TUV Lamp (8w)


    T5 Bi Pin

    TUV T5 lamps are single- or double-ended UVC (germicidal) lamps used in professional water and air disinfection units.

    • Low pressure mercury vapour discharge lamps.
    • Tubular glass envelope emitting short-wave UV radiation with a peak at 253.7nm (UV-C) for germicidal action.
    • Glass filters out the 185nm ozone – forming line.
    • PL-S have a specially adapted starter providing almost instant
    • starting characteristics already built into the lamp base.
    • Fluorescent and mercury vapour types.
    • The inner envelope is coated with a fluorescent powder, emitting long wave UV radiation to excite luminescence.
    • The dark blue glass envelope filters out visible light so as not to intefere with the luminescence.
    R85.00 excl. VAT R97.75