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Luxura V10 is the absolute evolution in the premium product range of vertical tanning beds. There is nothing quite like this impressive unit. The various Pearl White editions are underlined with extraordinary light concepts:

  • Pearl White Passion with flaming red light
  • Pearl White Romance featuring tender pink light
  • Pearl White Cool with fresh blue light

Extra class is added in the Royal Red edition. Ready to stun consumers and increase the ambience with royal value.

  • DecoLight
  • Stand­by light

The vertical tanning bed impresses by its space-saving double wing doors, which can be opened simultaneously and effortlessly with just one hand.

Luxura V10 is the right choice of a vertical tanning bed for every sun worshipper, no matter how tall or short. The floor lift brings the sunbather up to the perfect position to ensure perfect results in facial and feet tanning. The anti­slip base and ergonomically shaped handles help the sunbather to enjoy the tanning session while he or she stands securely.


Luxura V10 50 XL 50 XL High Intensive 50 XL IP Control
Tubes 50 x 120 W 50 x 180 W 50 x IP Control
Face tanner
Central air exhaust capacity (top) 2680 m3 2680 m3 2680 m3
Connection 400V/3N~/50Hz 400V/3N~/50Hz 400V/3N~/50Hz
Power 6,8 kW 11,5 kW 11 kW
Fuses 3 x 16 A 3 x 20 A 3 x 16 A
Weight 600 kg 650 kg 500 kg


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